How to recycle a dumpster properly

The importance of Dumpsters recycling

A lot of waste that enters the dumpsters will end at the landfill, and that is why it’s crucial not to place certain materials and liquids in it. Some of the debris can go through recycling process where it will be used in some other things. This is why every serious dumpster rental company has bins for recycling which collect debris that is recyclable.

Some materials that can’t go in a dumpster may be recycled, and we will take and recycle them for you. You just have to tell us that there will be a waste that can’t go into regular dumpsters and we will either supply you with a recycle bin, or you can drop the waste at one of our locations.

Materials that you can’t dispose of in their original state

recycle a dumpsterThe pain can contain many different toxins that may damage the nature and that’s why it’s forbidden to throw it out as it sits. Water-based pain contains latex while oil-based has several different harmful components that include shellac, varnish, and enamel. If you put the pain in the dumpster, then it will contaminate everything in it and indirectly it will pollute the landfill. To safely dispose of the pain and make it liable to go into waste you have to open the can and let the pain dry. Once it’s dry, it can’t release poisons into nature, and you can put it into our container.

The same process from paint applies to adhesives and glues. If you have a small amount of it, then you can just open the container and let it try. The same can’t be said and done with the larger amount of the material. In this case, you can apply it to cardboard in several layers and let each of them dry before applying the next one. This will neutralize harmful components of these materials and turn them into recyclable waste.

Recycle and avoid additional fines

recycle a dumpster

We can’t and we won’t accept materials that are banned from landfills. We can accept them after they go through transformation process (as listed above). You can find a list of materials that need to go through this process on many websites, so do check it. If you throw some of those materials in one of our dumpsters, in their standard form, you will have to pay the penalty for that, as we will have to pay the fine as well. So, don’t forget about this and ask us about materials you aren’t certain whether they are good for a dumpster or not.