Let’s recycle, and protect the environment, together 

Our History

   We have entered dumpster rental business because we saw the need for waste containers. This opened our eyes, and we saw the need for recycle bins. The next step we did was evident; we started accepting contaminants and recycling them to save the environment.

   The recycling business flourished due to environmental-friendly people. This convinces us that people want to protect the nature and that they just need a way to do it. The recycling facility was our answer to the needs of those individuals who keep it running continuously with regularly contaminated waste deliveries.

Our Offer

We have been in this business for a long time, and we have branched out to cover different types of work to satisfy the needs of the community and to help in the protection of nature. We went from dumpster rental only to recycling, and we plan to grow even more when the need arises.

Classic dumpster and roll-off container rental lie at the very basis of our offer. We rent all kinds of dumpsters, from small commercial to large roll-off containers that can accept over 40 cubic yards of waste. Check our offer, and you will surely find something that will fit you and your project.

We also rent various containers that can hold waste that will contaminate the surroundings if not handled properly. Those bottles go straight to our recycling facility where we turn it in either waste that won’t harm the nature or re-usable materials, depending on the components of the same.

Our offer includes evaluation of the work to ascertain the size of the debris it will leave. The evaluation also checks whether any environment-damaging waste will be left after the project ends. This assessment helps us to recommend the significant dumpster and additional containers that will hold all of the debris.

Recent Work

The Ygrene-Energy was a part of many projects throughout its history, and we were part of some large-scale projects that we are proud of. This includes work on large construction sites as well as being a part of environmental actions that had a positive impact on the overall health of nature in our area.


One thing that we are proud is our involvement with various environmental-friendly movements whose aim is to preserve and protect the life. One of such things started last year and went on to become an annual event as it happened this year as well. The community gathered around the idea of cleaning the nature and recycling the waste that was found in the countryside. We offered our help by accepting the waste they found and recycling it. A large number of people and businesses joined the cause, and we ended up with a lot of recycled material that we safely reintroduced to the community.


Another big project that we are proud to be part of the construction of the two buildings that contain more than 100 apartments in total. Our part of the job was to clear the debris as it was created and not allow it to pile up and create more work. The coordination between our employees and the management was excellent, and the trucks that drive roll-off containers kept the construction site clean throughout the building process. The landfill station also did a great job of organizing the spread of the waste we delivered, and we had no problems, and we kept up to schedule without breaking it.



Satisfied clients are the best clients because they will contact us when they find themselves in need of dumpster rental or recycling. Our goal was always to work in close collaboration with customers so they can finish their projects without worrying about the waste they create.


“Painting a whole house leaves a lot of waste that can damage the nature. Being a nature-friendly individual I immediately contacted Ygrene-Energy who got rid of it in an environmental way” 


“Thanks, Ygrene-Energy, for delivering the dumpster, within six hours of my call. You helped me start the work a day early”


“Working with Ygrene-Energy is quite satisfied as their management takes care of all details and they always work on the schedule”


Ygrene-Energy is a nature-friendly company that helps us to organize big green events. They are always there to support causes that protect nature”